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The vineyards are situated on the beautiful hill of Kalintsa surrounding the winery. We cultivate the vines organically which is certified by DIO in accordance with European standards and we respect the environment as no fertilizers and no pesticides are being used in cultivation. Between these 10 hectares of vines we have left strips of land that are not being cultivated in order to preserve the quality of the grapes produced. The vines are planted on a sandy loam soil and they grow in excellent climatic conditions. The rich sunlight and the cool sea breeze during the day combined with the cold north wind that comes from mountain Menoikion during the night, give us great produce and create wines of excellent quality.

Κτήμα Νεραντζή, 15ο χιλ Σερρών Δράμας, Πεντάπολη, 62048, Σέρρες, 23210 24387, 6937138138, 6938661757
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