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In 1988 we have created the first wine of our family, carrying on the tradition of our parents and grandparents. Up until 1998 when we established a professional presence, the wine is made in order to serve the needs of our family. 

In 1998 we have set up our first winery by making use of 1,3 hectares of vineyards that we owned in the area of Eptamili in Serres. Our winery is the first to put the wine in bottles in the region of Serres, near river Strymonas in Greece.

During the same period we have managed to save, file and get official recognition for the two important indigenous grape varieties in the area, Asprouda Serron and Koniaros. With our own initiative, we managed to get official recognition for the indication ‘Appellation of Origin’ for the Region of Serres. In this way we become the winery that represents a land with great history as a wine region, the land of the river Strymon which is surrounded by five mountains before reaching to the sea.

In 2003, we turn on a new page in the history of our winery, when Evanthia Mitropoulou decides to become a winemaker and the family decides to upgrade the existing winery significantly.

Evanthia Mitropoulou starts her studies in Chemistry in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki when at the same time we start an effort to revive the famous vineyards of Pentapolis.

In 2006 the construction of our new winery begins, on our existing vineyards in Pentapolis, Serres, Greece.

In 2007 the first wine harvest takes places and is full of surprises.

The distinctions in international competitions soon followed; 7 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the International Competition of Berlin, Germany, 1 silver in Dusseldorf, Germany and 1 bronze in Montpellier, France.

No one really knows how far the history of wine and vineyards in the region of Serres dates back. The multiple historical references reassure us accordingly.  When you are on the hill of Kalintsa you get the feeling of the unwritten, the unrecorded truth and the non historical. You feel as if the winemakers of the centuries bless you and cheer up with you celebrating your love for the wine. 

In spring 2014 we find ourselves here in Pentapolis, with our new winery, surrounded by more than 10 hectares of vines that are cultivated organically without the use of pesticides or fertilizers (not even organic). There is absolute respect toward nature with a lot of uncultivated land left in between the vineyards that restores the natural harmony.

Since 2012 we started upgrading the winery by adding an underground cellar, new wine tasting rooms and a new chemical laboratory for quality assurance checks. Evanthia Mitropoulou is now a chemist and oenologist having graduated from the University of Burgundy in France and responsible for production of the wines.

The recognition for the designation ‘Protected Geographical Indication Serres’ is a fact. The indigenous grapes of Serres have been recorded and are being vinified. Our organically certified products can be found in international markets such as New York, Germany, Austria and England.




Nerantzis Mitropoulos is a sports science professor with expertise in wrestling. He took part in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 coaching the National Team as the National Coach of Greece. He has a PhD in Sports Science with specialization in wrestling and is teaching as a professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Sport Science. Vine cultivation and winemaking is his infinite passion that made him create the winery.




Evanthia Mitropoulou is a graduate of the Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with specialization in the food chemistry. She continued her studies in the University of Burgundy from where she graduated with the “Diplôme National d’Oenologue”. Today she is responsible for the production, starting from the vineyard to the vilification as well as the ageing of wines. At the same time, with the support of a newly organized chemical laboratory she is responsible for the quality checks of the wines and she carries on research on the indigenous varieties that we cultivate as well as the special characteristics of the wines produced in the winery.


THEOPOULA MITROPOULOU - International business development manager

Theopoula Mitropoulou2

Theopoula Mitropoulou has studied Law in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she took classes in Macroeconomics, Finance and Accounting in London at City Learning. She speaks fluently English, and French. She has been a consultant to the Business since its inception and she also is involved in business development and international sales.




Kiriaki Dagouli is a teacher at Nursery School. She is responsible for the artistic side of the winery in terms of decoration as well as presentation and design of the products.



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